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Excursions to Taranto by boat

From Marina di Pulsano to the Island of San Pietro, a gulf to be discovered!


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The inimitable beauty of the Ionian Sea, as you’ve never known it before: with boat trips, discovering our seas has never been so beautiful.

Nature offers, in this strip of land, breathtaking views characterized by the contrast between its cobalt blue waters and the sandy coasts. The boat trip is by far the most comfortable and relaxing way to explore the sea and nature.

With the “Scirocco” boat all this is possible!

Rocco is a young man with a passion for the sea, who has decided to focus on this: to value our territory. Everyone should have the opportunity to know and admire the evocative beauty of our land. Today a destination for many tourists, with excursions from Marina di Pulsano, we offer a single complete tour to discover the Ionian Gulf.

The excursions from Marina di Pulsano start  from the Baia D’Argento and pass by the Gulf of Taranto, between the Ponte Girevole and the Stone Bridge, up to the island of San Pietro.

Boat trips with the “Scirocco”, are carried out on a very light inflatable boat, with a 150 hp racing engine. We also offer the possibility of practicing  marine activities such as wakeboarding. It’s all a matter of adrenaline and sportsmanship and everything is combined  with excellent music, drinks and a personalized sandwich.



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