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Tavernetta Restaurant  Casa Mita


If you are looking for an indoor tavern restaurant perfect for candlelit dinners with background music, stop by us.

Here, in the indoor tavern restaurant of Casa Mita, the warm and welcoming atmosphere is combined with a simple but well-kept environment, where the typical Apulian cuisine is at its best. What makes the difference is the friendliness and the care of our team, which has always spoilt our guests, to give an extraordinary food and wine territorial emotion.

Furthermore, the passion for typical flavours is a family tradition, passed on by Arcangelo to his children. Things made with love have a completely different taste!

Travelling is a synonym of exploring and the staff of Casa Mita is pleased to offer you the culinary gifts of a land to be discovered.


Dine outdoors at Marina of Pulsano


Dining outdoors as soon as the weather permits is always an added value. To give the best experience to our guests, we have created Casa Mita’s outdoor restaurant.

Dining on the outdoor terrace, with its garden is a suggestive surrounding and will make you forget all the stress accumulated at work and in the chaos of  big cities, relaxing your senses with the pleasant scents of nature and soft lounge music notes . When the dance of the senses begins, chef Arcangelo will be there to surprise you.

When the summer season comes, Apulian food is at its best; locally grown produce will colour our palate with authentic and explosive flavours, transporting us on a journey through time of typical and untouchable recipes, appreciated by the whole world.

The memory of a journey also remains indelible through food and wine and eaten under the stars, it is even better!



The Chef

The Chef, Arcangelo Mita, for several years attended a famous hotel school in Munich. He passionately prepares dishes with an international taste, skillfully combining the German and Italian traditions.

Typical dishes

Traditional, simple but innovative: fresh tomato orecchiette, basil and burrata and ricotta cheese and spaghetti San Giovannino.