The beaches of marina di pulsano

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The Litoranea Salentina and its wonders

Visiting the beaches of Marina di Pulsano is the most pleasant thing that can happen to you.
Imagine a palette of colours ranging from cobalt blue to aquamarine: the Salento coast is all of this. Magical even at night, charming and enchanting: its beauty will enchant you to the point of falling in love!
Our beaches in Marina di Pulsano include some really interesting beachfront resorts :

  • La Fontana 350 m
  • Le Canne 800 m
  • Capitan Morgan 400 m
  • El Cohiba 600 m
  • Montedarena 1,5 km


The beaches of Marina di Pulsano are a true paradise on earth. Fun, sun and relaxation guaranteed, it will  surprise you.

The clarity and transparency of the waters is guaranteed by constant cleaning, which the beach resort staff have been ensuring for years.

The turquoise water and the fine sand of the Salento shores have always been our wealth. But the beaches of Marina di Pulsano are worth visiting, believe it!


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